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Hi there,

Can I run several product systems simultaneously and get the results in an Excel format? I would like to run several product systems using the same LCIA method (as I have quite a lot of them), therefore, I was comparing products systems using the projects option, however, the output generated is a report and not an excel file with the impact results. It could be really helpful if there is an option that I am not aware off. I am using openLCA 1.10.2

Thank you in advance. Maria
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Hi Maria,

You can indeed run several calculations at the same time via a project, but you cannot run too many at the same time since every single product system increases the memory demand - not as much as a first new product system since a lot is shared between product systems in the calculation, but still so that you cannot calculate e.g. 100 product systems in parallel. And as you say, the result is not an excel sheet but a table in HTML (which you could copy to excel, though, but this is more a workaround).

You can however calulate the product systems one after the other, automatically. Here https://github.com/GreenDelta/openlca-python-tutorial/blob/master/examples.md you will find an example that uses the Python IPC interface of openLCA and calculates product systems with different parameter settings and saves the results in excel files.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Andreas,
Thanks a lot for yout answer. I will have a look at the python tool, it sounds a good option. Cheers