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I started using Open LCA and I have a problem that I can't solve when I run an impact calculation.

Every time I run a calculation an error message appears, indicating a lack of memory. As recommended in the tutorial, I tried to increase the maximum memory used but the change does not register. A new error message appears, indicating an error in the "open log file". Below, a capture of the "Log file" tab :


As database I use Ecoinvent 3.7 and as LCIA method "openLCA LCIA methods v2.1.2" from Nexus.

Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I canot see the picture for some reason,

the change does not register

indicates however that the change is not done - you need to have write access for the folder where openLCA.exe is, so either apply as admin or install (i.e. unzip) the zip version of openLCA in your user directory.

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