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Hi all,

I know similar questions have been posted, but none of the answers help my in my particular case.

I'm trying to create a single product system (with a cut-off) based on the ecoinvent database ("electric bicycle production | electric bicycle | Cutoff, U") and I've cranked up the maximum memory usage to 12000, but it still won't allow me to execute the analysis. I have 8 GB RAM on my device. Please see my analysis set-up attached.

Is there any way to ensure that I can run the product assessment? If so, will that ahve an impact on the result quality of my assessment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I resolved the problem.

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You cannot allocate more memory than you have in your device, at least it is not effective if you enter higher values. You could set it to 6500 MB e.g. and retry - maybe

I resolved the problem.

this is what you did already?