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another question is coming up :)
I'm currently linking my processes and flows with providers. I want to calculate a scenario in China with data generated in Switzerland (but could be used globally).

What is the difference between providers with the indication "GLO" and "ROW"?
Is "ROW" (rest of world) for all of the countries not mentioned explicitly in the list? And then, what would "GLO" (global) stand for indeed?

Should I create providers (processes) so that I could use the same indication for all of my links? How crucial would that be?

What is the differene between using "market for...." or just the plain "process xy" as a provider? (I assume I should model transportations by Processes called "market for process xy")

Thanks for your help,

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You can find the description of market activities and regional definitions on the Ecoinvent website:

Market Activities – ecoinvent

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Thank you, Bernhard! :) Your link is ver helpful.

so I can mix glo- and row- providers in one process, because it depends on whether a product ist available only globally or in differet markets (explicit markets or row).

How comes this into decision when choosing providers in a process?
What does the provider change in the background? Can I link processes via market providers to have the transportation calculated?

I still dont understand how they are working and what is the difference.

also where can I find more information on how to create a product system to calculate it? I'm not sure what should be modelled before and what is included in only one process. I guess everything shown in the model graph will be calculated?

Many thanks in advance,