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I am getting an error message that I do not have enough memory to run multiple LCIAs. I am working in openLCA 1.10.2. I have already gone into settings/preferences --> configuration and adjusted my "Maximum memory usage in MB" to 10000. Can/should I make this larger, is there something else I should be doing?

I am trying to compare allocation methods on a process very similar to "soybean meal and crude oil production | soybean oil, crude | Cuttoff, U" from ecoinvent 3.5 using TRACI 2.1.

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Hi Alexandra, the product systems take quite some memory, and every new analysis consumes again memory. If your computer allows, you can indeed allocate also more memory, or you can try the direct calculation (which works e.g. for ecoinvent if you have not added "ambigous" processes yourself), this uses much less memory since the product system is not stored. Or, of course, do less analyses at the same time.