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I have been playing around with openLCA for a bit and I have found some recurring problems:
  1. The calculations take an extremely long time to complete, to the point where the programme crashes and I have to restart.
  2. I can run one calculation, it takes some time, but eventually gives results, and then run another one using a different assessment method directly afterwards and the programme crashes.
  3. Simple steps such as product system creation or even simply clicking 'save' also take an extremely long time and have also caused the programme to crash or warranted some forced shut-down intervention.
Do you perhaps know what is causing these issues and how I could resolve then?
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For a real answer, you need to be more specific. We are providing for openLCA databases that are, as such, not available for other LCA software because they are really "heavy", such as PSILCA or full exiobase. If you run these on a computer that is quite weak, then this does not really work. Also, you need to allocate the memory that the systems you model and calculate need. You can, even for a not-powerful computer, use the big databases, but model with a cut-off.

1) not enough memoy available or allocated?

2) every new calculation also needs some memory, thus as in 1)

3) product system creation is not necessarily a simple step. In PSILCA developer, you have 100 million connections in a system.