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I need to calculate impacts (using the ReCiPe 2016 Midpoint (H) impact method) for many processes in this database, ideally exporting the resulting impacts to a CSV. I've tried using this script in the Jyphon editor within openLCA but the resulting CSV is only full with 0s for all of the impacts. I tried this with different processes and also with different LCIA methods but with no luck. 

Could this be because the script I've used was made for openLCA 1.10.1 whereas I'm using version 1.11.0? Or am I missing something obvious?

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I'm not really familiar with that database, but my guess is that this part of the script may not be sufficiently building your product systems. If the processes in that database don't specify default providers then nothing will get connected.
            # provider linking: the other options are IGNORE and PREFER
            config.providerLinking = LinkingConfig.DefaultProviders.ONLY

Another guess is that the ReCiPe impact method you're using isn't using a compatible list of flows.

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