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Hello everyone!

I am using the Jupyter notebook approach to run calculations in openlca and my question is if there is a way to initiate the openlca software directly with the jup.notebook script. That means to make the connection with the client without connecting to the openlca's IPC server manually and call the functions through the HTTP protocol.

I want to do that with the ipc interface and not with the Java API if it is possible.

Any suggestions?
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A more specific explanation:
until now:
1. I launch the openlca software manually
2. I activate the database
3. Connect to the IPC server manually
4. I run the jupyter python script.
I would like to:
1. Launch the openlca with a single line of code through the jupyter notebook: Done
2. Activate the database: not done
    --> I got confused of the modules that I need from the the open-lca schema. Do I need to install the modules and build up the server app ?[https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-modules/tree/master/olca-ipc]
    --> I could test it with Jython, but then I get an error "no olca module" was found. I will probably install the olca modules and try it again.
3. Connect to the openlca server
   --> Is there any example for establishing this connection with the olca-ipc interface not manually? Otherwise I need to use the Java API, on which I don't have knowledge.

Any info would be appreciated; thank you.

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