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Hi all,

I am a new user to openLCA, previously having used Simapro by Pre-Sustainability. I am interrogating two System processes, but the two products are modelled differently. One was modelled with an output of 1 kg, while the other is modelled with an output of 13644 kg, making comparison difficult.

I technically could take the results and divide by 13644 to see if the two outputs are similar, but there surely must be a much more efficient way of accomplishing this task?

Please advise. Thank you so much for your assistance!
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Hi and welcome, you can do this in a project, this allows you to set the compared amount as you decide; see here my totally nonsense comparison of electricity with gypsum wallboard:

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for this! And after coming to this step, the only way to export the results is by clicking the 'Report' button? Is it possible to calculate the results and display it as a table, and then to export it Excel?