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Hello everyone,

I am using Ecoinvent data for banana production (EC). I need to modify irrigation by choosing drip irrigation; however, the drip irrigation process includes “Diesel, burned in agricultural machinery”, which is also included in the main product system (banana production). Should I add the values given in the drip irrigation process to the main product system and delete the flow included in drip irrigation? Does this action will affect linking data between processes? Or are these two independent processes?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Maria,

this is quite common that you use the same process multiple times in your product system, you can "leave" the inputs where they are, i.e. in two (or if you check, more) processes, the calculation will take care of this.

You see this also for the product system:

Market for electricity, medium voltage, AU is used 1446 times in the product system, e.g..

You should not remove the diesel and add it to the banana production since this will change your supply chain results; the overall result will be the same, but the contribution in supply chains will obviously change.

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