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Hi, I downloaded the EF database present in OpenLCA Nexus and imported it into a merged ecoinvent and agrifootprint database. However, when I run a LCA for any random process from either Agrifootprint of ecoinvent, I get null results for many impact categories (example below). I was in touch with Francesca who suggested to try various things, unfortunately it did not work. I also deleted all databases and re-imported them in OpenLCA 1.9, still getting null results.

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When you create a product system, you should uncheck "Auto-link processes"
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My understanding is that the EF database available on the Nexus is only compatible with the "Environmental Footprint (Mid-point indicator)" impact assessment method. I actually think it is mentioned somewhere in one of the two documents produced by Green Delta about the EF database. Search for the EF database on the Nexus and click the tab "documents" and should find them.
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Yes, I was guessing you had figured it out at this point haha, but I figured there could be other people still struggling with the same question.