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Hello vkum,

As i understand it, direct contribution relates to the contribution from the analyzed process. If you analyze diesel burned in agricultural equipment, there is a lot of direct contribution due to the emissions from the process. IF you make your own process with no elementary flows, there is no direct contribution from your process. If you have a process that models a life cycle, or that gathers inputs to gate for a company etc., there might not be any direct contributions that are not covered by other processes.

If you have elementary flows in your process, and the analysis still shows 0% direct contribution, i do not know the issue.

Best of luck
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Hello Honorta,
Adding the elementary flow will only represent that resources have been taken out of the ground, or put into e.g. air, or water. This will not give you what you want.
If you want the to see how much environmental impact comes from combusting a kg/kWh/etc. of coke, then you should find a representative process for this. E.g. if you use EcoInvent, there is a process called: heat production, at coal coke industrial furnace 1-10MW
This will tell you the environmental impact that comes from producing 1 kWh of heat, from burning coke in an industrial furnace. The data is likely also possible to find somewhere on the internet, in academic articles.
Good luck