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I ran an impact analysis using TRACI 2.1 on a simple potato production product system within openLCA (reference process is "potato production | potato | Cutoff, U" from ecoinvent (cut-off, regionalized); 1000 kg as functional unit). I am having trouble accurately interpreting the results for eutrophication impact in the Sankey diagram, which lists the final process -- "potato production | potato | Cutoff, U" -- as having:
Direction contribution: 3.737 kg N eq (100.00%)
Upstream total: 4.422 kg N eq (100.00%)
The upstream total is accurate and adds up to 100% as anticipated both in the Sankey diagram and the contribution tree. The direct contribution value is correct at 3.737 kg N eq, however we are unclear of why the percentage is still at 100%.
Thank you in advance for any insight on why this might be the case!


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Added a screenshot of the Sankey diagram to the original post (wasn't able to attach to comment). Working with only unit processes (per ecoinvents layout); name of reference process if you would like to look it up is above. Product system JSON-LD export sent via WeTransfer to greendelta.

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The problem has been fixed by our developers: https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-app/commit/69e2d4676f0f73d67eaa88e948b0417e9ac16157.

The fix will be available with the upcoming versions of openLCA (>1.8.0)You can follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to receive updates about new releases..