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After imported the ecoinvent impact method in the ecoinvent 3.4 db I have noticed tath some flows was created outside of the database. I suppose that ther's a mismatch in the impact method mapping. Is it right? The screenshot explain better what I said

I have seen another inconcistency. This time is between the impact methods of ecoinvent and the impact methods openlca.

I have both the LCIA ecoinvent v3.4 and the openlca LCIA 2.0.2.  In my db there are the flows, replicated "carbon dioxide, from soil or biomass stock", one of them is mapped to the ecoinvent LCIA and not to the ecoinvent processes, the other one is mapped to the OLCA LCIA and to the ecoinvent proceses.

Is it posswible to solve this issue? How?

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Hi, sorry for a somewhat late reply, we take the ecoinvent methods as they are from ecoinvent, and have carefully prepared the OLCA LCIA methods, therefore both are different, also in terms of the version number of supported methods, and we recommend to use the OLCA LCIA package.

However, we imported the ecoinvent methods from an excel sheet provided by ecoinvent, which could have introduced errors. We will check the flow you report and potential similar flows.
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Thank you, so the best way is to use the OLCA LCIA? About that, are available some documentation (like the 1.5.7) about the new regionalized LCIA?