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1. This is because Ecoinvent does not have some data that Gabi does. I want to aggregate them to conduct an analysis. Would it be a good idea to use both Ecoinvent and Gabi databases?

2. However, I found an error in the Ecoinvent after importing the Gabi data and running the impact assessment. What should I do?

3. Is OpenLCA impact assessment applicable to the Gabi database?
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Hi, good question, what you describe is possible but the flows do not fit; GaBi uses an entirely different set of elementary flows; still, you can combine, but you will need to apply  mapping of flows. This is now supported quite nicely in openLCA 2, but evidently making a mapping for entire GaBi and ecoinvent or the openLCA reference flows is quite some effort.

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Thank you sir for the update! I have spend hours in mapping the elementary flows to the respective impact categories. Some databases include all the elementary flow with slightly different naming convention requiring mapping of the flows altogether. Can't even imagine about openLCA2 (goosebumps)
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