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Hi there, I am primarily working on the USLCI database but need to import multiple processes from Ecoinvent (we have purchased it).

What I did first was export that Ecoinvent process to a JSON-LD file. Then I created a new database in OpenLCA and imported the JSON-LD file. Following that, I aligned this new database to the flows in USLCI (this is called mapping in OpenLCA) and imported the post-mapped database to USLCI. I know the whole process is tedious, but I think it is the correct way, right?

The problem is that when I tried to create a product system with the imported process in USLCI, I got errors indicating "No process with valid reference product output or waste input selected". Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!
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It is an interesting question and I would be interested in knowing its answer too.

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