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Hi everyone,
I have been trying for some time to calculate impact results with OpenLCA.
I tried different processes with inputs and outputs, and different impact methods (downloaded from the openLCA nexus).

While I can calculate values for some impact factors with different impact methods, Global Warming Potential is always 0, no matter which impact method I use.

e.g. for the process
"Aluminium ingot mix, production mix, to consumer, primary production, aluminium ingot product, primary production"
from the ExioBase database using the CML 2 Baseline or CML IA Basline/non-baseline methods.

However, the phenomenon occurs for all processes that I have investigated so far.
Does anyone have an idea what I am missing or doing wrong?

so long

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Te exiobase database is a IO database and does not work with the normal set of LCIA methods, please use the methods provided in the database. See e.g. here an example (Portugal, electricity):