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Good afternoon,

I'm close to sending a paper to a newspaper. I used the OpenLCA software and the impact methods package.

Should I quote something? I've seen four different types of quotes:

1) Only mentionning the software

2) The reference of the company, such as: (GreenDelta, GmbH, Berlin, Germany)

3) the website (www.openlca.org)

4) This reference:

A. Ciroth

ICT for the environment in lifecycle applications openLCA - a new open source software for life cycle assessment

In t. J. Life Cycle Assess., 12 (2007), pp. 209-210, 10.1065 / lca2007.06.337

Thank you!
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Hi Jsenansa, you can just refer to a specific version of openLCA and the openLCA website. e.g. The LCA calculations have been performed under use of openLCA 1.7.4 (https://openlca.org).