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Hi, I am new to openLCA, this is my first project, and I am having an issue with LCIA and would really appreciate any help.

I have completed one LCIA (impact 2002+) for one product system and all the inputs and outputs for each process are showing on the inventory results. I have also created another product system as I want to compare the two, this time only the last 2 processes out of 10 are showing that they have numerical values, the rest say 0 under 'amount' in the 'total requirements section' and in both inputs and outputs the contributions from the other 8 processes are not showing. The inputs and outputs of these processes do have numerical values though and I am really confused as to why they're not showing contributions in the LCIA because it works perfectly for the first process and I've done everything the same for creating the second, does anyone know why this is the case and what I can do to resolve it?
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Hi, this happens if

  1. the method pack you have selected is not fitting to your database (e.g., ecoinvent method package with ELCD database), or
  2. the processes have no elementary flows, or "new" elementary flows that are not recognised by the method you selected

We are about to release a version 1.7.5 where there will be checks available for calculation results to see which elementary flows are not contributing to LCIA - if you are interested I can share a release candidate.