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I did the LCIA for my product system. And If I open the results and than open the grouped view, If see that P (container glass) is the main deliver for the different categories. But I did not add this Process and I cant find out where it comes from. How can I find out. 

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Hi Lynn, several options depending on what exactly you want to know (in your case probably the first two though):

1) You can open the Sankey Diagram of the analysis results and locate the process there

2) The Sankey Diagram is a visualisation of the information in the tab 'contribution tree'. Check out the contribution tree and locate the process. Since the contribution tree shows you the structure of your product system it should help you to identify the location of the process in your product system

3) Open the model graph of the product system and locate the process there. A right-click 'show outline' may help you to locate the process (for large product systems, it may take a while to load the list of processes in the product system)

4) Open quantitative reference of the process and open the flow window. Check out the "used in processes" section in the general information tab of the process or right-click on the flow in the navigation window and select "usage"

5) Right-click on the process in the navigation window and select 'usage'

I hope this helps.

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Hi Lynn

Just to add to Jonas' great answer. The container glass process gets added if you're using ELCD because it is the only built in process that uses one of the waste flows from something else. This confused me when I started with ELCD. So, to specifically deal with that one anomaly, you should create another process that deals with that waste flow in a more reasonable way.

Hope that helps