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There is a dataset "soda bicarbonate" in the flows list of ecoinvent v.3.4 and it can be added to processes but there are neither providers, nor uses associated with this entry. If I use it in calculations, it does not form any contribution to the impacts. Also, I checked the ecoinvent database online and there is no such dataset (there are other similar - soda ash, etc.).

Is it an empty dataset deleted from older econvent versions or is it corrupted only in my downloaded zolca file?

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Hi Yana, I cannot find a flow "soda bicarbonate" in my version of ecoinvent 3.4 (cut-off) UP. Possibly, it is a remnant from an older version of ecoinvent or you accidentally imported the flow with another data set into your database.

Btw.: The data set is not "empty". It is just not used anywhere. You can check this by right-clicking on the flow in the navigation window and selecting "Usage". If you want, you can add the flow manually to an existing impact category of a LCIA method in your database or create a new LCIA method that captures this flow. If it is a product flow you can also select it as a quantitative reference of processes that you create yourself.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you, I tried to do this but I do not know what impact factors to assign.

PS I found and EPD about sodium bicarbonate and used the values given there. Not sure how relyful this approach is, though...