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Hi everyone
I want to use OpenLCA for my LCA study on building and I don’t know which modelling method to use. My question came because the majority of the LCI modelling have been developed for Europe, north America or Japan, while my study is for Morocco, a country in north Africa so I’m searching for an international/ Global method.
I found that Impact 2002+ has a multicontinental version which was established by Rochat et al. 2006, So I want to know if this version is implemented in the ecoinvent database for OpenLCA software or there is just the basic one developed for Europe. Otherwise, would you suggest me other valid method for my geographical zone?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, this is a topic often discussed, and the  decision for one or the other method should be documented and explained in goal and scope of a study. Commonly used are CML (e.g. often in construction, Germany), ReCiPe (ecoinvent context) and ILCD (European projects)). Also more detailed approaches such as AWARE are gaining attention, and could be interesting if you are into water footprint.
For openLCA we do not yet have Impact2002+ but it is in preparation.
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Hi again, you are of course right - if you are aware of a method that reflects North Africa specifically, we`d be happy to implement it..
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