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Hello there,

I was successfully able to download the openlca_lcia_methods_1_5_7_updatedCED.zolca file and the elcd_3_2_greendelta_v2_18.zolca file into my Macbook, but when I try to import the LCIA Methods into the ELCD database, nothing happens. It is as if the file was empty.

Could it be because of the IOS version of openLCA? Because when I did it on a Windows computer it worked out.

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Hi Julia, it could be that Mac changes the file during download, because zolca is simply a zip file, see e.g. here (rather old but this was also reported by other users): https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/961/how-to-stop-safari-from-unzipping-files-after-download.
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The impact assessment methods folder