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When I impor a database usually takes 20-24 hours, my question is, does anybody know which are the factors that affect the time for conducting the importing process? Because I would be interested in reducing this time. Thanks in advance.
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First, if you do not want to merge databases but just import/share a database (via a *.zolca file) you should use the `Backup` and `Restore` functions from the database menu. These functions should be fast.

If you want to merge databases, you should import the smaller database into the bigger database. A database is smaller and thus faster for the import when it has less processes and when the process are small (so you would import a unit process database into a system process database.)

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Hello Dear msrocka:

I need to create a zolca file, which includes the providers in all the processes considered in the product system. The process works but just after 20-24 hours. I realized it takes that long because at the beginning, I stopped the process after 8 hours-10 hours, then I tried to leave it longer than that and it worked, the complete database (including providers and product systems) is finished after 20-24 hours. I developed the database using ecoinvent 3.4 and open lca 1.6.3. Here is the procedure that I follow:

1) Create a new database
2) Backup the database that I want to import (as zolca file (2-3 hours))
3) Restore the file  (zolca file created in the previous step) in the new database
4) Wait until the process is complete (20-24 hours)
I also follow this procedure with the same database but using open lca 1.9, however, I did not get any improvement. Some colleagues also have the same issue, but they have not left the processes longer than 10 hours. If you have an advice it would be really appreciated it.