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I am writing an LCA where some of the parts need to be replaced and have different lifespans (5,2,15 yearss) I am currently writing it for 20 years, so this takes into account replacing some of the parts but not all of them.

Is there a way where I can set up my product system so that I can easily switch from studying a 10 year timeframe to a 20 to a 30 without having to manually add in all the extra parts and EOL processes
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well so basically you need the parts more often for the product (e.g., 16 tires for the life cycle of a car) - you can set a parameter for the amount of parts needed for, e.g., the car, then you can quite easily change it.

Hth, Andreas

- you can also do this in a more "sophisticated" manner, e..g building  a yearly car and then simply multiplying this by the number of years