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Hello forum members, 

My LCA project requires me to create 81 separate but similar product systems (for the production of different crops in different regions), in order to conduct regionalized impact assessment (for the same crop), and to compare different product systems (crops in the same region).

I am considering two options for doing this quickly:

  1. Creating copies of a sample Process, and writing a script that would allow me to change the flow values quickly for the copies.
  2. Exporting a sample Process as a SimaPro .csv file, modifying the respective flow value cells manually for the similar Processes. To do this, I am wondering: what is the significance of the UUID/file name, the "version", and the "Last change" time? Can I randomly generate UUIDs?

In addition, since the flows are from different regions, they should have different background processes. I should therefore also be creating 81 different copies for each of the Flows. Can I get away with not doing that, and only connect them to different background Processes when I get to the Product System stage?

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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