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Dear all,

I am a new user of OpenLCA and would like to differenciate different versions of the same processes within the database that I created.

I imported two versions of the ecoinvent database (APOS and CutOff modelling systems) into a same database, and placed them into separate folders, but when I want to select a default supplier for a given substance, I have options with exactly the same names, and it is impossible to know which one to pick (except a painfull time-consuming trial and error procedure).

I was used to SimaPro, which systematically mentionned the modelling system used by the imported datasets. I would like my datasets to follow the same principle.

Is there a practical way to distinguish duplicate processes when choosing a default supplier ? Is it possible to systematically rename all the processes imported from the same file, e.g. by adding a suffix (" - APOS", " - CutOff") to avoid confusion ?

This would help me when importing new versions of my databases.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

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Interesting question! I am having the same problem...

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Hm, why do you want to combine two different system models in one database? They should not be mixed. If you do, though, we have added the system model to the process name (e.g. screenshot from ecoinvent 3.5 cutoff):

At least in version 1.10 (from latest builds, openLCA download page).

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Thank you for your answer.
Actually, I wanted to compare the LCA results obtained with both system models. Currently, with the ecoinvent 3.3 that I'm working with, it is impossible.

From which version of ecoinvent does OpenLCA start including the system model used in process names?

Is it impossible to rename / add a prefix/suffix to the names of all datasets within a folder? Should I start over?