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Dear all

I recently downloaded ecoinvent v3.6 and wanted to import it into the database that I'm currently working on. That database already had ecoinvent v3.5 installed.

Since I wasn't sure how importing the v3.6 into my DB would affect the rest of my data, for safety, I saved the preexisting v3.5 into a specific folder of my database before importing the v3.6.

That operation resulted... in all my previously v3.5 datasets being automatically updated despite them being in a different folder (I think I understand why, now), and new folders with only new v3.6 datasets being created.

So good news, the import is a success. Bad news: I now have two twin groups of folders in which to look for my datasets. How do I fix this mess? How can I safely merge all twin folders back to the original architecture without risking of losing datasets?

If it's cleaner, should I instead export my home-made datasets to import them into a new DB containing the v3.6? Won't I lose any data?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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