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I want to work with processes and flows out of two databases, Agribalyse v3.01 and ecoinvent v3.6, in openLCA at the same time. Is it possible and advisable to import one database completely into the other one, or is it better to import the relevant processes I want to use into the other database?
As Agribalyse relies on ecoinvent for background processes, I would import Agribalyse into ecoinvent, or does this cause problems?

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Agribalyse and ecoinvent are quite consistent, you can thus combine both. You need to be aware that the ecoinvent packs from Nexus are "autonomous" (link only to itself) but you can of course create a foreground model that links to Agribalyse and ecoinvent. Take the ecoinvent cut-off system model since this is also used in Agribalyse.

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Hi, thank you for this answer Andreas. I am quite noob in IT, what do you mean by creating a "foreground model"? Thank you in advance