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Hello OpenLCA Team,

I want to import Agribalyse database into Ecoinvent_v_3.8. I already have 2 databases seperately in my OpenLCA. What is the best approach to import Agribalyse into OpenLCA?

In addition, I have 2 concerns about importing Agribalyse into Ecoinvent_v_3.8: 1) how long does it take? 2) will all processes be imported properly so that I can calculate the results without checking any technical features?


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I am facing kind of the same problem. I want to import Agribalyse 3.1 into ecoinvent 391_apos_upr_n2 or cutoff_3011_with_methods, but every time I am at the field database import from exported zolca file it is not possible to proceed.

Is there any solution I want to calculate an example corporate carbon footprint and need both databases?