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I'm processing an Ecospold exchange using the Ecospold import module of the olca-io java library. This import module is trying to find the correponding flow in the OpenLCA DB comparing the exchange name, the flow type, the unit, the category and the location. It is working well with the Ecoinvent 3.4 and Agribalyse 1.3 databases as the location is correctly filled in the flows.

My problem is that since I'm using the new version of these OpenLCA databases (Ecoinvent 3.8 et Agribalyse 3.0.1) the location is not filled anymore in the flows and the olca-io library do not find the corresponding flows anymore (as the location is filled in the Ecospold exchange but empty in the OpenLCA database).

Do you have any idea why this location is not filled anymore in the flows of the Ecoinvent and Agribalyse databases ? And do you know if the Ecospold import function of the olca-io library will be fixed to manage the location correctly ?

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