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Dear Mr. Ciroth,
I am using both the Ecoinvent and the Agribalyse databases to carry out an LCA study on milk production.
Unfortunately, I`ve just realized that I can`t connect in a Agribalyze process providers for Ecoinvent input flows, since no processes appear in the list of possible connections for a given flow. The flow names in Ecoinvent and Agribalyse DB for an Ecoinvent flow seem to be the same, but I couldn`t connect in the provider cell of the input flow of an Agribalyse process the corresponding Ecoinvent process.
Do you think it may depend on ecoinvent version? I am using ecoinvent v. 3.3., while Agribalyse was built on ecoinvent 3.2. I have contacted the Agribalyse team, and it is the first case at their knowledge.
I tried to work with ecoinvent 3.2, and it works, but I hope I can use ecoinvent 3.3, since I have already built a big part of the model.
Could you give me any advices?
Thank you,

Best regards,

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Hi Simona,
yes that is correct, we use the original IDs from ecoinvent for our releases, and these do not match the ones in Agribalyse, for ecoinvent 3.3. If you are only linking to some few ecoinvent processes, you can manually create connections by creating "bridge processes" that have an ecoinvent product as input  and an Agribalyse product as output, but this can become of course a bit tedious depending on the number of processes.
To all: Would it be interesting that we provide a script to align the IDs of Agribalyse and ecoinvent?

Best wishes,

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Hi Simona,
for ecoinvent, we are providing always two packages per system model, the unit processes and the system (LCI) processes; only for 3.3. so far, we are also providing a combined package, also with LCIA methods. If you need the LCI datasets, you should import agribalyse into LCI ecoinvent to speed up the import.
Best wishes,
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Yes, it would be interesting that you provide a script to align the IDs of Agribalyse and ecoinvent
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Yes, it would be interesting and usefull a script to allign Agribalyse 1.3.1 with Ecoinvent.3.4.
At the moment is impossible to use both databases toegether and for food production modelling in france and  Europe is absolutely needed.
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