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I am trying to install Ecoinvent 3.6 cutoff database on OpenLCA 1.10.2 on a Mac. The database is on ecospold2 format and I have not been able to import it. For some reason I only have the options to File Import: ecospold1, excel, ILCD, SimaPro CSV. Could you help me on this matter?  Thank you!

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You need to install the databases from Nexus; we do not support EcoSpold2 since it causes too many issues, ecoinvent is using a version that is not documented and contains further developements to the officially released EcoSpold2 format (from when ecoinvent 3.0 was released), and it is difficult to estimate the performed changes for us; also, EcoSpold2 is I think only supported by the ecoinvent centre and by no other LCA software I am aware of (the ecoeditor for creating datasets for ecoinvent aside, but this is not a tool for calculating LCAs), thus this is hopefully acceptable.

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