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Hello everyone

I ordered the non-OECD Ecoinvent database (Purchased databases, but free pay), and I got several ecoinvent database (e.g. V3.3 and V3.5) from https://nexus.openlca.org/ successfully. However, I can't import these ecoinvent database the OpenLCA1.10. The log file reminder: database import failed. I tried to import these database into other  OpenLCA versions (e.g. V1.7.4), and  "restore database" in navigation,  but the same error message came up again. However, it is strange that, when I imported Free databases (e.g. ELCD 3.2 or openLCA LCIA methods v.1.5.7), it worked well. I really need this software and how can I solve this problem? ... Thank you very much!

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If I can read the screenshot correctly, it says error when opening a zip file - the zolca file seems incomplete or damaged; just start openLCA and select "restore database", then select the zolca file, which is an entire compressed, zipped database, it is quite easy. Maybe download again to have the complete file.
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I appreciate your answer, it works well after  I downloaded  the  complete file. Thank you very much again.