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Hi, I recently signed up and downloaded lca 1.10.1... I downloaded the free ecoinvent (as i learnt it is the right database if you dealing with waste management.. correct me if i am wrong) database from the software and the lcia v2_0_4 but i can see it under my database.. I would also like to be granted access to the free student database.As a new beginner and someone who never used lca before, i have been going through the online video tutorials and mostly are on PET bottle production. I am currently working on my thesis and trying to evaluate the environmental impacts using two different technologies for treatment and disposal of food waste and sludge. When going trough the videos i have a challenge locating exactly when i should mention these technologies and the different scenarios in the software for calculating results. I sent so many emails in the past few months and never got any replies please help  i am loosing time.. what do i send and how in order to get access to the right database which is not paid for as i am a student?
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I am not sure I understand - we provide a free ecoinvent license for academic work for universities in non-OECD countries, just order this from Nexus and send us a completed and signed form that we will send out back to proof that this applies to you. Since you write that you downloaded you are already having access to ecoinvent on Nexus? But of course you did not "download it from the software"?

Sorry if you have sent previous emails but we get quite some (and try to reply) but I am not finding any from you now, but it could be me.
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Hi. thank you soo much for your quick response..I did download on nexus but like i said it cant be imported that is why wanted to know how to get access to free ecoinvent as a scholar. well, i will order and send all required documentation thank you once again.