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When I try to download the free version of ecoinvent v2.2 & v.3.5 database, nexus website redirect me to "buy" it for $0,00. So I attach a student proof and nothing happens. Someone could help me, please?
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We offer  free ecoinvent license for educational/academic use in non-OECD countries - if you order this on Nexus, and proof that you meet the requirements (academic use, non-OECD) by returning a completed fom that we send with the order, then you will receive access and a license. This may take some days since ecoinvent will need to approve this free order.

Some send only a proof of a student immatriculation, or even the unchanged form we sent, this is of course not sufficient. Some also send about 10 messages in 3 days if there is already progress, this is also not speeding up the process (but of course also not delaying).
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I was having the same problem, but I've got an email with the form Andreas mentioned.
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Check your email. I also ordered a non-OECD / Educational license and I received on my email a form from the OpenLCA Nexus with the information I need to send them.