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I tried to download some databases from the download page of nexus (https://nexus.openlca.org/downloads). Just after selecting 'ecoinvent 3.8' or 'openLCA LCIA methods' for example and clicking download, nothing happens. The only one, I could download was the 'worldsteel 2020'. I tried it with GoogleChrome as well as IExplorer.

What can I do?

Thank you and best regards.

RĂ¼diger Fritze
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You need to check that you accept and understand the EULA etc., at the bottom of the download page, and you need to be logged in, (and have ordered and got access to the ecoinvent database or also other for-purchase databases), that should do it?
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Local internet (bigger company) should be fast enough. I will try it at home and check it there...