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I am a manager of a consultancy company and I would like to purchase the PEF database for my collaborators for LCA studies. I apologize in advance for the question, but it is important for me to understand the OPENLCA system.

My collaborators have downloaded the OPEN LCA software onto their PC.

Can I proceed with the purchase of the commercial single user licence Environmental Footprint (EF) database with my account and then send the database to my collaborators who will install it on open LCA? Will this work in their software?

Thank you for your kind feedback

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Hi, the EF database must not be sold by us, but we had quite some effort to prepare it (due to, I would say, imperfections in the data as they are on the various EF nodes), and therefore we have developed a tool which we sell which contains the free EF database, the Database Analyse Launcher, DAL. This tool is available with a single user license, meaning you are not allowed to distribute it to "all your friends in a project" (e.g.). We are however happy to discuss a multi user license for it, please contact us then.

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indeed, then it becomes a normal openLCA database