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We have tried for a long time to get LCA colab server running on both Ubuntu and Windows, with no luck.
The posted install guide is very outdated due to changes in java licensing, removal of ppa +++
Are there any updated guides for running this on-prem?
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I reran the installation process and there was an error in the database creation, I updated the installer and it should now work

Instead of Oracle Java we now recommend to use the openJDK 8, instead of following the commands in step 2 just run "apt install openjdk-8-jdk"

I added the updated installation guide as a separate page on the openLCA website, with easier copy paste function than in the PDF: https://www.openlca.org/collaboration-server-installation-guide
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Were you able to login with the "admin" credentials or do you need further support?
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I had similar problems when I tried to install the server on Ubuntu. Instead of following the instructions in the manual I followed these web pages: 




Then I downloaded the old LCA CS jar/war files (1.1.0 versions as the newest one did not work for me) and installed it according to the manual. This included editing the server.xml, imprint.html, index.html and login.html files. I did not bind the port 80, only used the 8080.  

Hope this helps, I just got my server working yesterday :)

- Christina 

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thank you for your reply Christina, it led us to update the install guide..