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Dear OpenLCA staff,

I already sent this to Ecoinvent, but:

In the ILCD 2.0 2018 method set of Ecoinvent 3.6 in OpenLCA, antimon is not characterized in the "Minerals and metals" impact category. This must be some kind of error, right? Further, germanium has the wrong characterization factor (0.0178 instead of 6.52 E-07)
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Dear Bernhard,

that seems indeed strange. we receive the ecoinvent LCIA method pack directly from ecoinvent without changing it.
However, in our own openLCA LCIA 2.0.4 method pack, you will find the ILCD 2011 midpoint+ method, which correctly features antimony.
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Dear Tim,
thank you for your answer. I will contact Ecoinvent about this issue