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Hi I am using openLCA 1.4.

-Can anyone tell me how I can get an impact contribution from the output flow (direct impact)?

-At first, from the analysis tab, I got CCP impact for waste treatment, mixed paper -203.73 kgCO2eq. I think this is a total of upstream and direct impact. How can I get the impact contribution from the output flow (direct impact) separately?

- I did a trial by removing output flows (elementary flow of carbon dioxide biogenic, waste inert, NMVOC, and methane biogenic) except reference flow. But I got the same result -203.73 kgCO2eq. This means, no impact included from the output elementary flow.

-Can anyone tell how the output elementary flow impact includes in the final result?
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Can someone answer the above question?

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If you unfold the categories in the impact analysis sheet, then you see the direct impacts of different processes in your system, of elementary flows as well, and the overall result is shown for the category (but I am not sure whether I understand your question entirely)?
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Thanks for the answer.
I got the CCP impact result -203kgCO2eq for mixed paper waste treatment with some elementary output flow in process card. Then I deleted the elementary flow from the process card. But I got the same LCIA result (-203kgCO2eq) for this two process cards. With the elementary output flow in the process card impact should be more. Is there anything wrong I did?