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Is there a way to access the information in the drop-down menus via olca-ipc externally in python? I typically use the below code to access the providers of input/output flows that can be found under the Provider columns in the tables in the Inputs/Outputs tab of any process in openLCA (where ProcessName is the name of the Process).

client = olca.Client(8080)

ref = client.find(olca.Process,ProcessName)

process = client.get(olca.Process, ref.id)

default_providers=pd.Series(process.exchanges).apply(lambda x: x.default_provider)

However, the cells in the provider column in openLCA all have their own drop-down menus, and when a provider has not been selected via this drop-down menu, it does not show up with the above code. Is there a way to identify the options in an openLCA drop-down menu and select them via the olca-ipc package externally in python? The below image shows an example of the provider drop down menu.

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