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in my product system I have a lot of energy consumption in downstream (about 14.000 KWH), If I use electricy mix, consumption mix, at consumer, AC, 230V - DE - I receive a very low gwp number. If I look closer to the process and perform the "Wirkungsanalyse" Reiter, I earn 0.00834 kg CO2-Eq for GWP100a. How fit this together with the numbers of Bundesumweltamt of 0.485 kg CO2-Eq per KWh. Where can I find the right flow?

P.S. I found out that in my electricity mix (Electricity Mix, consumption mix, at consumer, AC, 230V) the flow carbon dioxide has no "Charakterisierungsfaktoren" but other flows (not all) like carbon dioxide, fossil has "Charakterisierungsfaktoren", so If I replace them - the results change enormous.  

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Hello Lynn,

sorry for the late reply - which database are you using, and which LCIA method?