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Hi, I am trying to change the value of a parameter in python as explained here: https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-ipc.py.

however, the following error comes up: " 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append' ".

could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? many many thanks in advance.

here is my code:

import olca

import uuid

client = olca.Client(8080)

setup = olca.CalculationSetup()

redef = olca.ParameterRedef()

redef.name = 'Test_Parameter'

redef.value = 2000


setup.calculation_type = olca.CalculationType.SIMPLE_CALCULATION

setup.impact_method = client.find(olca.ImpactMethod, 'ReCiPe Midpoint (H)')

setup.product_system = client.find(olca.ProductSystem, 'Test_Process')

setup.amount = 1.0

result = client.calculate(setup)

client.excel_export(result, 'hellotest.xlsx')

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