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Hello, I'd like to compare a standard truck, 18t to a similar truck, 18t but in battery electric version (or to be specific: Comparison of a Mercedes-Benz Actros with the new eActros in terms of the production phase of both vehicles). I got the database ecoinvent 3.7 from my prof, but I can't find a proper dataset for trucks. I only find datasets for passenger cars (combustion engine and electric). Has anyone already done a LCA for BEV trucks? Or does anyone know whether it is possible to modify the datasets for electric passenger cars up to a truck? Because the aggregated processes wouldn't fit for a truck, I think this could be difficult :(
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For trucks with a combustion engine, you can find generic datasets called "lorry production".

For modelling specific products like the Mercedes-Benz Actros or their eActros, you will almost never find datasets in databases like ecoinvent, because they are meant to provide you with materials and parts which you then can use to model your own products. Thus, you would have to find a bill of materials or something similar from Mercedes to model their products.