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I am just starting to write my Bachelor's thesis about LCA of Hydrogen production, with the goal to compare different hydrogen production methods, the following will be compared:

- PEM and Alkaline electrolysis from renewable energy sources (wind, PV)
- Natural gas steam reforming
- coal gasification

The emphysis of the comparison lies on the GHG emissions and the energy demand. I want to show, that hydrogen produced by renewable energy is, altough it is more expensve, better for the environment.

I need to find the right datasets for the mining and manufacturing process of the plants that will be in Europe. As I am completely new to LCA methodology and software I don't know where to start searching and which database will fit my concern the best.

Can I combine datasets of multiple databases? Is there a recommended freely available database or can't I get around purchasing the ecoinvent 3.6 database?
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