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Hello, I am a little unsure if they can help me. I am a newcomer and have a question about the harmonisation of data sets of the ecoinvent database in relation to energy sources. I would like to make a comparison between different energy sources. I would like to compare the data set of an onshore wind turbine with a capacity of more than 3 MW and an onshore wind turbine with a capacity of 1-3 MW.  I would like to make the comparison on the basis of 1 kWh, for example. Now I am very unsure about the methodology. Are the wind turbine outputs included in the data sets and is it the intention to include them in such a comparison?

Thank you very much for your answer.

The comparison refers to the following data sets, for example:

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Hi, and welcome!

ecoivent tries to provide consistently modeled processes for the different wind power plants, and they all produce electricity; you could use this as a functional unit and comparison basis. Of course, offshore turbines will be different from onshore turbines, thus you will need to be careful that you pick the correct "version" (since in your text, you say onshore, but the dataset below is offshore). You can follow the supply chain in each of the turbines, and will see that also construction and production of components is included in the network for the provision of the electricity.

Hope this helps!