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Hi there,

I am trying to create an application that runs openLCA  "headless" through the olca-ipc Python API. I managed to host an IPC server from the Python console using Popen, which makes it possible to run LCA calculations from Python without having to open the openLCA Java application. The only step that still requires users to run openLCA is the moment the database is restored from a .zolca file.

Is it possible to restore/import a database from the API? I found the io modules on Github, but don't see yet how they could be run from olca-ipc.

Related to this: currently, openLCA puts restored databases in the home directory. Is it possible to control this behaviour as well, and set the folder in which the databases restored?

Thanks in advance!
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As an answer to your last question, see this link for how to adjust where databases get stored:

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Thank you, that's a start!
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did you find any solution for your first problem?