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Dear All,

I would like to use the regionalized impact assessment method Impact World+ with the ecoinvent 3.6 database. From what I found in other discussions : regionalized LCIA requires KML data for locations used in product systems, and shape file parameters to make impact factors specific to countries in the assessment method.

However, the Impact World+ implemented in openLCA does not seem to use parameters, so I don't understand how a shape file could change the impact factors (like in the Regionalized LCIA openLCA tutorial).

I have tried using the "Default Recommended" ImpactWorld+ to study the same process in different regions and the results do not change, so there must be something to be added to make it work but I don't know how to proceed. There is also the "Continental Latin America" method, I don't quite understand what this is for.

Does somebody know how I can change the impact factors to match the region I want to use ? If such a shape file exists, where can I find it ?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards,

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Hi, I have the same problem with regionalize in OpenLCA.

Have you resolution this question now? Can you help me??