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I am looking at the LCIA methods featured in the exiobase database, specifically at the GWP100 category from the CML 2001 baseline method.

There are only 4 elementary flows listed in this category, even tho there are much more than 4 elementary flows featured in the database that have an effect on global warming (e.g. in the folder elementary flows>emissions to air>unspecified).

Does anybody know the reason why only so few flows are listed in the method, and would it make sense to add the rest of the flows by hand?
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This is the method provided by the exiobase consortium to us, but I agree, this looks strange. We'll check.

Edit: indeed, there were many elementary flows from non-combustion, which in the method excel were provided as such (like: "CO2, non combustion") while in the database, these flows are provdided as "from sector xyz" (like: "CO2, non-combusion, from cement manufacturing"), and because of that, these flows were then not automatically recognised.

We released today a new version (exiobase 3.4 version 2) where this should be fixed.

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